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We have all experienced the voices in our minds that tell us we are not enough. Our founder, Summer Moody, put together tools from her own personal story and research that help us fight those thoughts. 



"Summer’s first book is a valuable, essential tool for being a vigilant warrior in this silent battle that wages war around us threatening our children, our loved ones, and ourselves."

- Melissa Moody

    I just finished reading your book. Your spiritual gift must be encouragement because there was an authentic voice of encouragement that flowed from the pages.

     My thought as I was finishing the book was that it is much more an encouragement to truly live than an encouragement to not die."

 - Dr. Derek Brown, Ph.D., LPC

"This book gets real, and makes you think about God in a whole new way. I knew God was good, I just didn't know He was that good, or what all He could do. There is an authentic voice of inspiration throughout the whole book. If you know someone that is considering ending their life, give them this book and watch them change!" 

-Madilyn B.

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